Hospitality Website Package

The selling point of your restaurant or café is the food and beverages. This package focuses on promoting your product with great photos that make hungry diners want to eat at your venue. A photo session is included with this package to get the best photos to put on your website.

Please see the table below for more information about this package...

Features of this Package


High Design Standards

Your new website is designed to our high standards, and to your specifications.

Brand Image

The design of your website greatly impacts they way customers perceive your brand. Building confidence in your brand is a strong focus of this package.


We focus heavily on the way customers might perceive the messages put forth in your website. Its presentation must be tuned correctly to result in the most sales.


Restaurants and Cafes need to capture web searches from local people. We provide competitive on-page Search Engine Optimisation

Photo Session

This package comes with a free photo session to use for the new website (if required, up to 30 photos).

Mobile Friendly

All our websites are mobile friendly to capture the exploding mobile market. This helps increase your Google ranking.

Competitor Research

We research competitor websites to determine how yours might compete well.

Online Booking

We can work with you to create an online booking service if your business requires it. This may be done through another company who specialise in online bookings.

Business Submission to Other Websites

To further expose your website to potential customers, we will submit your business to Google Maps, Google Local Places, Zomato, and True Local.

Wordpress Backend

Wordpress allows you to manage and edit your website content with ease.

7 Page Designs

Due to the content of some websites, different page designs are needed throughout the website. (For example, the home page is often styled differently to the contact page.) This package comes with up to 7 different page designs, if needed.

Unlimited Pages

You can create unlimited pages, but we will provide up to 25 of those for you.

100 Free Email Address

This package comes with the option of up to 100 email addresses.

Social Media Integration

Widgets and links to your social media accounts can be included in your new website. If you wish to overhaul your social media accounts, please see our Marketing package.

Google Analytics Installation

We can install Google Analytics on your website, which allows you to analyse web traffic. For a monthly fee, we can also provide you with traffic reports.

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